Three Wishes

Every child has the right to be loved, to be safe, and to learn.

Three Wishes offers specialized services to help change the lives of children and their families. All children have many wishes, but three stand out for most: to learn, to be loved, and to be safe.

The Three Wishes team includes a post-doctoral psychologist, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker & caseworkers.

Three Wishes offers assistance to parents and caretakers by providing knowledge, resources, and support. Our goal is for the child to function in traditional environments, whether those environments are home, school, or daycare. This is accomplished through a team approach, with parents as partners. Our caring team provides therapy and skills training in the office, home, or community to provide support wherever the child is having difficulty.

New clients may call 260-481-2700 to schedule an initial appointment. Please arrive 15 minutes early to complete the check-in process. Your first appointment will take 90 – 120 minutes and will include an evaluation and discussion about treatment options. Please bring your child’s insurance card or income verification, previous testing reports, IEP reports, or other information that you feel may be helpful.


2700 Lafayette Street
Lower Level
Fort Wayne, IN. 46806