Park Center, Inc. is a Community Mental Health Center with offices in Allen, Adams, Wells and Whitley counties. Our goal is to provide quality care and support to promote wellness and healing for clients of all ages and at every stage of recovery. At Park Center, we offer a comprehensive selection of services in the professional setting you expect, while tailoring treatments to achieve the personal care you deserve.


Office Based
Park Center offers clinic based services in our offices located in Allen, Adams, Wells and Whitley counties. Our team of licensed social workers, mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists, addiction counselors, psychiatrists, physician assistants, advanced nurses, and psychologists are uniquely skilled to address your behavioral health needs. Park Center offers specialized services in Early Childhood Mental Health, Dialectal Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT), and Early Break Psychosis. Services are available to both the child and adult population. To access office-based services contact our call center M-F during business hours at 260-481-2700.

Community Based
Park Center offers community-based services in Allen, Adams, and Wells counties. These services are available based upon an assessment of need. Our team of therapists and caseworkers work alongside of individuals in their home, school, and community environments. To request an assessment for community-based services contact our call center M-F during business hours at 260-481-2700.


Park Center has a 16 bed acute psychiatric hospital for adults located in Allen County. This unit provides short-term stabilization, assessment, medication review, and treatment planning. Prior to discharge clients are assisted with creating plans for safety management and linking to other less intensive services.


Park Center has a number of adult group homes in which we serve clients with mental health and chemical dependency needs. Park Center also has a residential addictions program for individuals referred by the court system.

Park Center has a 16 bed residential facility for adolescent males who are displaying unhealthy sexual behaviors that require out of home treatment. This service structure also has 2 group homes that provide a less intense level of care to this same population.


Park Center offers a number of services geared at helping clients rehabilitate back into their lives and find meaningful work opportunities. Through on the job training and support, many individuals are able to find and maintain stable employment. To request an assessment for rehabilitation services contact our call center during business hours M-F at 260-481-2700.

Club House

Park Center’s Carriage House is a member of Club House International. This program follows the social rehabilitation model. It places emphasis upon respect, independence and personal responsibility.

Homeless Services

Park Center offers outreach services in the community to assist those who are struggling with a period of homelessness and/or facing housing insecurity by linking these individuals to services and supports.


Park Center utilizes a Hospital Liaison and a Court Liaison to assist consumers with higher needs. The Hospital Liaison provides support services to individuals at State or local psychiatric hospitals. The court liaison works with consumers, families, and the court system when the severity of symptoms requires emergency detention, involuntary commitments, and guardianship.