Mission & Vision

Park Center’s Mission is to restore lives. By partnering with consumers, we strive to support and facilitate their journey toward health.


Park Center’s vision is a community where:

  • Behavioral health challenges are no longer in the shadows,
  • People who experience the pain of a behavioral health issue have easy access to
    effective care,
  • The burden of unaddressed behavioral health challenges no longer reduce the productivity and vibrancy of our community, and
  • Park Center is recognized as a vital contributor to this new reality.

Supporting Values

  • Listening to Consumers: We recognize that our customers are in charge of their recovery journey. Whenever possible, we will arrange services dictated by their strengths, dreams and desires.
  • Commitment to Excellence: We are committed to excellence in every part of our organization and in our relationships to the communities and the consumers we serve.
  • Most in Need as Priority: Park Center places those consumers who are most in need as our highest priority.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We are committed to consumer satisfaction by being respectful, flexible, responsive, friendly, and by placing the customer first.
  • Mutual Respect: We respect staff in a way that promotes a sense of ownership, motivation, growth, trust, and shared responsibility for creating our own future.
  • Financial Strength: Park Center is best able to fulfill its mission through a position of financial strength. Strong business practices will promote a healthy bottom line.