Primary Care


Located in the Lafayette Medical Center at the corner of Lafayette and Pontiac streets, Park Center Health & Wellness is a primary care clinic, offering medical services to patients with a goal toward linking physical and behavioral health together in one home through an integrated care approach.

Park Center Health & Wellness creates a physical and behavioral health home, where primary care and behavioral health providers work side-by-side to address a wide array of issues for adolescents and adults. Unlike a “respond to illness” strategy, a health home strategy looks at a wider view of the person, and works to promote health and vitality in all aspects of a person’s life.


  • Greater accessibility to both medical and behavioral health services
  • Improvement in co-morbid chronic illnesses
  • Decrease in emergency room visits and hospitalization

Park Center Health & Wellness offers primary care services to adults and adolescents, age 11 years and older. New patients may call 260-481-2700 to schedule with Health & Wellness. Please bring all current medications, any health records from previous medical providers, and your current insurance card & information.


2700 Lafayette Street
Lower Level
Fort Wayne, IN 46806