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Child Counseling Services in Fort Wayne, IN



Mental health is an essential component of young people's overall health and well-being. It affects how young people think, feel, and act; their ability to learn and engage in relationships; their self-esteem and their ability to evaluate situations, options, and make choices.  A person's mental health influences their ability to handle stress, relate to other people, and make decisions.  Many people experience mental health problems at some time during their lives.  At least one in five children and adolescents may express a mental health problem in any year. In the U.S., it is estimated that one in ten children and adolescents suffer from mental illness severe enough to cause some level of impairment.  However, in any given year, it is estimated that fewer than one in five of such children receives needed treatment.

When young people's mental health problems go untreated, their development, school performance, and relationships can all be affected.


It is important to know that help is available. Most children and adolescents who experience mental health problems can return to normal daily activities, if they receive appropriate treatment.  Park Center offers a range of services that can help, with a continuum that spans from outpatient, testing, and medical services to intensive day treatment and residential treatment options.  More details regarding specific programs are listed below:


  • Outpatient Services:  Family and individual therapy

  • In Skills Schools Program:  ISSP provides social skill development and assistive case management services in 11 different FWCS elementary classrooms. Our caseworkers provide individual and group activities of daily living (ADL)skill development in the classrooms. They assist FWCS teachers with behavior management methods. We are available to FWCS to provide consultative services. We work with the parents / families through school conferences, phone contact and / or home visits. Caseworkers are also available to assist parents with psychiatric services such as medication management and keeping appointments.  

  • Home-Based/Diversion Services:   Offering intensive case management, outpatient, emergency intervention services, and more -  directed toward restoration of the family 

  • Youth Residential Services:  Residential service options for male youth  

  • Three Wishes Childhood Therapeutic Program: Serving children ages 2-12 with behavioral and psychiatric problems